From Mistrust to Trust: Brain based, attachment-focused treatment for traumatised children and young people

Dan Hughes and Jon Baylin have been collaborating for a number of years on the continuing development of attachment-focused therapy. They are both clinical psychologists with a shared interest in understanding and treating children and adolescents who need help recovering from developmental trauma and the effects of early exposure to very poor care. As a presenting duo, they are dynamic and well balanced, sharing a love for neuroscience with an extremely practical approach to working with children and young people.

Dan and Jon will present their new model of blocked trust as a multi-dimensional adaptation to poor care; a science-based understanding of what happens to children’s brain development when they are forced to survive without the comfort and joy of secure relationships.

They will also also explore and illustrate with case material:
  • An understanding of how to support the trust building process in parent-child dyads
  • Knowledge of how the relational processes (including PACE, follow-lead-follow, story telling, reprocessing of fear-based relational memories, safe recovery of the ability to feel social emotions, and affective/reflective dialogue) are “brain changers”, targeting the core of mistrust in children’s brains with consistent “safety messages” to disarm the child’s chronic defensiveness and enable a trust building process to emerge.

In addition, they will be presenting how their latest thinking about their model of treatment can include intergenerational family interventions.

The principles in the model can be applied beyond the family, to organisations and the larger community where trust building is so sorely needed if we are to learn to bridge human differences and live in connection.

Who should attend:

This workshop is a must for child protection workers, child and family therapists, foster care workers, residential care workers and any professionals who support kinship carers and families who are looking after children affected by violence, abuse and neglect. It offers new knowledge and opportunities to learn practical strategies that can be applied in any work setting or role.

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From Mistrust to Trust flyer

Presenter Profile

Dr Dan Hughes

Dan developed the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy,
or DDP, a highly respected treatment approach for traumatised
children and their caregivers.

Dr Jon Baylin

Jon has spent the past 20 years studying neuroscience and
developing a brain-based model of developmental trauma and
the processes of therapeutic change. The two met several years ago
when Jon invited Dan to train the staff of a mental health agency
in Delaware.

Hear and see the Speakers

Filmed at the 2016 International Childhood Trauma Conference, we have made available this 1 hour video of Dan & Jon during their Conversation Hour hosted by our own Deputy CEO Janise Mitchell.

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