Understanding the Neurobiology of Complex Trauma: Building a framework for effective practice in the protection, education, placement and support of children and young people.

Abuse related trauma has a significant impact on the developing brain. It can result in children experiencing significant difficulties regulating their emotions, adapting their behaviour and being attuned to social exchanges. Without a focus on the traumagenic impact of abuse on children’s development, protective intervention and placement in out of home care often fail to assist children restore a sense of safety and control. Integrating systems of protection, placement and therapeutic intervention can provide traumatised children with safety, predictability and caring engagement.

This two day seminar explores the most recent research on the impact of abuse related trauma on brain/body development and provides a framework for understanding the consequences of abuse.  The seminar goes on to explore implications for trauma informed practice. Participants will explore specific and practical strategies for promoting recovery for children and young people who have experienced relationally based trauma.

This workshop is the recommended or prerequisite course for all other seminars facilitated by the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of brain/body development through childhood and adolescence.
  • Understand the way that trauma impacts children and adolescents in a range of ways.
  • Identify ways that trauma shapes children’s states and experiences.
  • Develop creative approaches to enable children to communicate and process their experiences of trauma.
  • Identify evidence based practice strategies for working with children who have experienced trauma and their families.
  • Build an approach that resources change across all areas of the child’s world.

Registration Fees

Early Bird Fee: $490 (GST inclusive)

Standard Fee: $550 (GST inclusive)