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Centre for Transformational Practice

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The Centre for Transformational Practice is on its way


The Centre for Transformational Practice is a new initiative of the Australian Childhood Foundation. We are working on it right now!

  • The Centre will bring together in one place a range of ways that organisations can work in partnership with us to shape and strengthen their models of practice with children, young people, families and their communities. It will use the strengths of locally developed and already contextualised evidence-based and evidence-informed approaches to innovation in service evaluation and design. It will draw on the evolving national and international research about
    neurobiology, trauma and relational models of therapeutic intervention,
    the impact of adverse childhood experiences,
    organisational betrayal and organisational courage,
    outcomes oriented models of practice across a range of sectors including out of home care, education, youth justice, education and mental health.

The Centre for Transformational Practice recognises that there are many forms of knowledge which need to be considered when organisations and systems embark on periods of reform to the ways they offer support and services to children, young people and the networks of adults who are important to them. Such knowledge includes the wisdom drawn from culture, the expertise of practitioners, the voices of children and young people and the views of parents, carers and family members.

The Centre draws on the extensive number of partnerships that the Australian Childhood Foundation has with

  • research organisations (Southern Cross University, QUT, University of North Carolina),
  • Government Departments (NT, NSW, TAS, Sport Australia),
  • learning institutions from around the world (Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Network),
  • education departments (Catholic Education WA, Catholic Education SA, Department of Education Tasmania, Department of Education SA),
  • innovators (Thrive UK, Integrated Learning Systems), and
  • service delivery organisations including MercyCare, NPY Women’s Council, Oz Child, Barnados, Anglicare Victoria, Uniting (Vic).

The Centre will serve to translate knowledge into practice using an understanding of implementation science that acknowledges the complexity of organisational change and systems reform. It will offer a range of unique services to individual practitioners and organisations across sectors related to vulnerable children and young people, their families and their communities including

  • online communities of practice for professionals working in different service areas,
  • micro-learning and ongoing training opportunities,
  • access to an evolving knowledge bank about best practice,
  • implementation support to organisations wanting to develop their own practice frameworks which integrate with their values and the local context of their service delivery,
  • resources to build the capability of staff to deliver innovation,
    evaluation and impact methodologies are fit for purpose.

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