Innovative horse led training

Connect Up

A unique immersive training experience - the first of its kind worldwide!

Connect Up - Innovative horse led training

The Australian Childhood Foundation and world-renowned horse trainer Monty Roberts formed an international partnership to develop an innovative skills training program, Connect Up. This program provides members of care teams the opportunity to build skills to support the recovery of children and young people affected by complex trauma.  This unique immersive training experience is the first of its kind worldwide.


The Connect Up Training is not a therapeutic riding program. In fact, carers do not ride the horses at all. Interactions with the horses all occur on the ground and are designed to challenge the participants to think deeply about themselves and the children impacted by trauma and help them to build greater capacity in providing a healing experience to children.

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To learn more about the Connect Up Training, it’s trauma-informed design and the reason why we believe horses and the Join-Up exercise are such a powerful tool when working with children, watch this video.

Learning Outcomes

This training aims to provide a trauma-informed lens to developing a trusting relationship based on consistency and predictability.  It also;

  • Teaches an understanding of non-verbal communication and its meaning,
  • Develops an awareness of personal internal responses,
  • Builds skills in the management of heightened states and situations,
  • Improves capacity to understand the impact of the surrounding environment,
  • Provides a diverse and unique training experience.

Target Audience

This skills training program is for anyone supporting a child or young person affected by trauma.

Where will this training be held?

This training will take place at Mill Valley Ranch in Tynong, Victoria.

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