In Conversation: Judith Herman & Joe Tucci on Truth and Repair

Wednesday June 28, 10-11am (AEST)

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Judith Herman is a renowned psychiatrist and trauma expert, best known for her ground-breaking work on complex trauma and the effects of abuse and violence on individuals. Her new book, “Truth and Repair,” delves into the importance of acknowledging and addressing the collective trauma caused by systems of oppression and the need for reparative justice.

In this interview with Australian Childhood Foundation’s CEO Dr Joe Tucci, Herman will share insights from her extensive research and offer a vision for how society can move towards healing and repair.


What should justice look like for trauma survivors? Ask them.

“Acknowledgment, apology and amends. Over the course of this extraordinary book, in which she interviews survivors of trauma and surveys innovative programs of community justice and healing, Herman, a psychiatrist, resolutely rings this bell. When victims of traumatic violence are not served by our systems of justice and when they are let down by their communities, as they almost always are, harm is heaped upon harm.”

New York Times review of “Truth and Repair”