SMART Schools: Supporting vulnerable students

Making space for learning in educational settings where children are affected by trauma, abuse and neglect.

SMART (Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma) in school communities has a proven track record of supporting and developing education professionals skills and confidence in working with our most vulnerable students.

As educators we consistently work with children and young people who are managing the effects of their trauma in the everyday. Often we are the most consistent adults in their lives. We have the opportunity to support and promote healing through the way we develop relationships, the way we engage children and young people in their learning and through effective intervention in the Education environment. In order to be supported to provide this vital role it is important to seek skills and strategies to ensure we can provide the most effective intervention within the context of our roles. To do this we need support, theory, strategies and practice. Utilising the knowledge of over 10 years experience in working with Education Departments across the country we can support your professional needs.

Below you will find examples of the work the Australian Childhood Foundation do and the supports and learning we provide to educators and education systems across the country:

SMART Online

Funded by the Department for Education and Child Development  in South Australia, SMART supports education professionals looking for Strategies to Manage Abuse Related Trauma in the classroom.

To access discussion papers for your staff group as well as the FREE online training course, or to learn more information click through.

Anyone who works with children or adolescents must do this training... The strategies I have adopted help to engage my students in their learning.

Understanding how the adolescent brain works, how trauma can affect children is so useful.

Practical ideas which can be used in the classroom for many students. Very beneficial!

A training program that backed up theory with practical classroom applications

An incredible insight into the adolescent brain. By understanding a little bit more about how the brain deals with trauma I can show more empathy towards my students.

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Transforming Trauma in Schools
Children and young people around Australia are struggling to participate in school life because their brains are shutting down due to toxic stress. When exposed to levels of high stress like trauma and abuse, children and young people can struggle to follow simple instructions even - resulting in them often being perceived as naughty kids.