Bringing Up Great Kids - Original

The ‘Bringing Up Great Kids’ Program is a group parenting program developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation for a wide range of parents including those who might be considered vulnerable or ‘at risk’.

Our Program

Using the metaphor of ‘Messages’, parents are encouraged to explore and reflect upon the evolution of their parenting style and resources them to examine the messages they pass onto their children through their behaviour, interactions and emotional reactions. Parents learn about the brain development of their children and understand how to meet their children’s growing needs. Through the program, they are supported to build attentive communication with children. Parents also reflect on and explore the meaning behind their children’s behaviour and develop an awareness of the cues that trigger off unhelpful or ineffective responses.

The program has been developed into an easy to use facilitator’s package and is now available for use by a range of professionals working with families and supporting parents. The Program materials include:

  • a facilitator’s manual
  • a parenting journal
  • session outlines
  • interactive reflection activities
  • participant sheets
  • evaluation protocol

This program was available for free because it received funding from the Australian Government. However, this funding has now ceased. In order to access the program material and be able to run Bringing Up Great Kids Program, please email us on parenting@childhood.org.au and we will help you.

The Bringing Up Great Kids is an identified Evidence-Based Program for Communities for Children Facilitating Partners. It has been evaluated and found to be an effective program in supporting the development of mindful and positive relationships between parents/carers and children.

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