Helping children heal from trauma

Our Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services

Our Child Trauma Services provide specialist counselling and support services for children and young people affected by abuse and violence. We aim to help them heal from the harmful effects of these traumatic experiences.

Our approach

We apply therapeutic techniques based on our scientific understanding of interpersonal neurobiology, child development and attachment.

We use evidence-based strategies  to stabilise children’s stress-response systems, reconfigure their baseline arousal levels, integrate memory functioning – and connect them with a network of important adults.

We assign tailored care teams to build a framework of responses to children across a range of settings (such as school, extended family and sporting groups).

Working directly with children

Since 1991, ACF has been providing therapeutic services to children who have experienced sexual assault, physical abuse or family violence. Some of the therapeutic strategies and programs we use include:

Animal assisted therapy

Problem sexual behaviour intervention

Creative arts groups

Music and rhythm activities

Partner Collaboration

For more than ten years, ACF has partnered with non-government agencies to provide therapeutic foster and residential care for children and young people removed from their home due to abuse or neglect.

We provide carers with intensive training programs about the neurobiology of trauma and attachment.

Examples of our collaboration and partnership projects