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We have always worked hard to translate the evolving body of knowledge about the neuroscience of trauma, attachment and development into practical ways to support the vulnerable children, young people and families. For 30 years, we have provided training opportunities for professionals across a range of disciplines, including mental health, child protection, family support, out of home care, family violence, education, youth justice and many others.

We know just how important it is to understand and apply the principles relevant to trauma responsive practice for children and young people affected by significant abuse, violence and neglect.

In response to COVID-19, all of our workshop training is now online. We use ZOOM and all our sessions are live and in small groups. The feedback we have received from this approach has been very positive.

We have also put together a monthly international speaker webinar series with some of the world’s best thinkers on a range of subjects related to trauma and healing.

We have also added a range of new training that will help those of you undertaking your work individually or in groups in the online environment.

In the next few weeks, we will make self-paced anytime training available. This will mean that you can study and learn in your own time and at your own pace. You can leave the training and pick it up again when you are ready.

Given the context we are facing, we want to make our training and resources as available to as many professionals supporting vulnerable children, young people and families as possible. So for now, we have made our online training more affordable than ever before. We have bundled access to our webinar series into the price of our training, so that if you register for any of our online workshops, you will receive access to the next two international speaker webinars at no additional cost.

It is the same great training that you have always come to expect from our therapeutic and training team.

In addition, when you train with us, you will know that any surplus we achieve is reinvested to support our direct work with traumatised children and young people and our research activities aimed at building a local knowledge base about effective practice.

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Trauma Responsive Practice in Education - Online Training

Trauma Responsive Practice in Education brings together our experience over the past 20 years in training and supporting teachers, other school personnel and early years professionals to engage in trauma responsive practice with vulnerable children and young people in a range of settings. The training is self-paced and includes knowledge checks to support your learning.

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Transform Video Streaming Service

A library of some of the world’s thought leaders, researchers and practitioners in the field of trauma, attachment, neuroscience and therapeutic approaches with children, young people and families.

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Multiple delivery methods - one purpose

International Childhood Trauma Conference

Our biennial International Childhood Trauma Conference will next be held between 30 May and 4 June 2021.

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Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Programs

Programs and resources for professionals working with parents and families.

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