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We believe a loving, safe parent is the best relationship a child can have. We also know that parenting is tough, and that non-judgmental support can make a huge difference in enabling access to support.

Our Bringing Up Great Kids program presents access to knowledge about development, connection with others and an opportunity to reflect on their communication with children. We’ve consistently found that when opportunities for mindful reflection are created these can lead to positive change; including more respectful interactions and increased positive self-identity in children – and a better relationship for all.

More than 3000 facilitators have been trained to use the Bringing Up Great Kids program in a diverse range of organisations.

Independently Evaluated

Bringing Up Great Kids (BUGK) has been independently evaluated by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Award Winning

Bringing Up Great Kids has won two national awards in Child Protection and Multicultural Engagement.




Identified as an evidence-based program by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services for use by agencies funded through Communities for Children.


The original program designed for parents of young children

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BUGK in the First 1000 Days

A program designed to support parents during the first 1000 days - from conception to 2 years of age.

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BUGK - Right from the start

A program designed to support parents from conception to 5 years of age.

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BUGK - Kinship Carers

A program has been designed to meet the needs of Kinship carers as they take on the role of parenting their grandchildren or other family members

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BUGK - Adolescent

This program has been designed to nurture parents as they embark on their journey supporting their children as they live through their adolescent years and emerge as adults.

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BUGK - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Developed in consultation with a number of Aboriginal organisations across Australia, we look forward to bringing you this resource soon!

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BUGK in Family Violence Settings

Currently under development!

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