What is the Bringing Up Great Kids Program?

How does BUGK work?

The BUGK program has been developed into a series of easy to use facilitator’s packages for use by professionals working with families and/or supporting parents and any other adults supporting children. The program recognises that a variety of adults can be involved in parenting children.

The original BUGK program is written as six chapters or 12 hours and may be delivered in whatever way works for you and your group less or more hours, less chapters, more chapters or chapters in a different order. Each of the variations follow a similar pattern.
All of the BUGK programs and resources are underpinned by a philosophy of promoting and supporting respectful, caring and nurturing relationships between parents and their children. Parents and all other adults involved in the care of children, are encouraged to become more reflective and mindful in their parenting approach.

All of the BUGK programs aim to support parents/carers to review and change their patterns of interacting with their children which promotes more respectful interactions and encourages children’s positive self-identity. BUGK aims to identify and address the sources of unhelpful or hurtful attitudes held by parents. BUGK also works to establish a new relationship context for children and their parents through facilitating opportunities for positive exchanges.

What are the aims of the original BUGK program and its new variations?

BUGK programs and resources support parents to:

• learn more about the origins of their own parenting style and how it can be more effective;
• identify the important messages they want to convey to the children in their care and how to achieve this;
• learn more about brain development in children and its influence on their thoughts, feelings and behaviour;
• understand the meaning of children’s behaviour;
• discover how to overcome some of the obstacles getting in the way of them being the kind of parents they would like to be; and,
• discover ways for parents to take care of themselves and to find support when they need it.

The theoretical underpinnings of the ‘messages’ approach derive from a child-centred perspective, neurobiology of trauma and attachment, narrative and solution focused therapy and a strengths perspective.

What is included in the original BUGK program and its variations?

Each of the BUGK Program materials include:

• a facilitator’s manual
• a parenting journal
• session outlines
• interactive reflection activities
• participant sheets and tools
• evaluation protocol

Each of the variations have new and specifically tailored material. Once professionals have completed any of the BUGK training, they will have everything they need to be able to run a BUGK program with parents on a one to one basis or as a group.

Becoming a BUGK Registered Facilitator

Becoming a BUGK Registered Facilitator comes with the following benefits:

• Ability to use BUGK Program with parents in a one on one format
• Ability to facilitate the BUGK Program with parents in a group
• Access to undertake advanced training associated with BUGK program variations
• Sign up to regular BUGK newsletter
• Sign up to BUGK Registered Facilitator Online Community
• Access to new resources as they are created
• Discounts on products that are developed for BUGK

BUGK Registered Facilitators join a thriving network of other professionals who are advocates for the BUGK program and how it meets the needs of parents in their local community. They share ideas and experiences, and develop the skills and confidence in the approach together with other similar minded professionals.

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