Our Services

Our Services

For more than thirty years the Foundation has been working with vulnerable children, young people and families. Our services have been built around our key areas of work – areas we have discovered as holding a significant impact on children’s recovery from trauma.

Experiences of elevated, prolonged stress or trauma rock the very core of children and young people. In these circumstances, children are overwhelmed with the internal reactions that race through their brains and bodies. They do anything to survive, not because they want to but because they need to. They shut down their feelings. They push away memories of pain. They stop relying on relationships around them to protect them. They stop trusting and believing in others.

Despite decades of research showing that the consequences of trauma on children and young people are multiple, they are still not well understood in services supporting children. These children are often labelled as disruptive, defiant and can be poor learners at high risk of disconnecting from school.

With support, children and young people can, and do, recover from the harmful effects of trauma. To do so, however, they need adults in their lives to be understanding of and responsive to their unique needs.

We have built a suite of services to ensure that all organisations can benefit from international research and local practice wisdom.  You can find more information on these below.

We have also worked on a range of innovative and exciting projects with several of our Therapeutic Partnerships.  You can view those here.

Let’s work together to improve outcomes for children. When you chose our services to support your work, we want you to know that 100% of the profit goes back to fund our own work too.

Therapeutic Services

Specialist support for children, young people and families

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Safeguarding Children Services

Transforming practice in organisations who work with children

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Building Capacity in Educational Settings

Supporting Schools and Early Childhood Services

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Our Parenting and Early Years Services

Transforming practice in working with parents and communities raising children

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Professional Education Services

Opportunities to add new knowledge and qualifications to your skillset

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Transformational Practice

Opportunities to transform your practice, and learn how we are working to transform practice around Australia.

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Unique projects developed in partnerships

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