Trauma Professionals Online Learning Community

Practical, connected learning for childhood trauma professionals

We believe that children, young people and families who have experienced trauma benefit when the professionals surrounding them are well-resourced and connected through communities of practice.


Australian Childhood Foundation’s Trauma Professionals Online Learning Community is a safe and inclusive space for sharing knowledge and continuing the conversation about how we can improve the lives of children, young people and families who face trauma.

Practical and connected learning

The Trauma Professionals Online Learning Community is an exclusive forum for like-minded professionals seeking curated content on childhood trauma, neuroscience and healing, as well as opportunities to engage and learn with other members.

It is your one-stop location to access a rich suite of video, resources, research and tools designed to support practitioners working with children and young people who have experienced trauma.

With almost 1000 resources available to members, and new ones added frequently, you’ll have exclusive access to past recordings from the International Childhood Trauma Conference, featuring hours of presentations from thought leaders such as:

  • Gabor Maté
  • Bessel van der Kolk
  • Paul Gilbert
  • Dan Hughes
  • Dan Siegel
  • Cathy Malchiodi
  • Tina Champagne
  • Caroline Welch
  • And so many more!

You’ll also gain early access to new Australian Childhood Foundation resources and the chance to connect with other like-minded professionals.

Access a free* one-month trial and gain access to exclusive resources, while connecting and learning together to improve practice with children, young people and families affected by trauma. After the trial, you will be invited to continue your subscription at a cost of $8 per month or $72 per year (inc. GST).

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