Applying National Child Safe Principles for Organisations

What is this training about?

There is a lot of documentation available regarding the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations but the application of these principles can feel a little overwhelming. It is a process of recognizing what your organisation’s strengths are and what is still be developed and put in place. It is definitely not a ‘set and forget’ strategy. The more it stays alive in your organisation, the more likely it will be that children and young people will actually be protected.

This interactive virtual classroom will help participants to review the principles as an overall framework for child safety and wellbeing and then to consider how their application could be improved within your organization.

What will you learn?

By attending this training, you will:

  • Review a clear and practical overview of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations 
  • Consider they key points of application of the principles across organisations
  • Complete an audit of the application of the principles across your organization and how you can contribute to improving their practical application.