Bringing Up Great Kids – Facilitator Training

What is this training about?


This practical one day workshop provides participants with the opportunity to learn how to successfully establish and run the Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program.

The ‘Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program is a group based program (that can be adapted for work with individual parents) that focuses on the experience of reflective and mindful parenting grounded in the relationships parents build and share with their children.

It is the prerequisite level of training for individual professionals to be able to have access to the Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program and become a registered facilitator.  All registered facilitators will receive access to the Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program manual, relevant activities, and resources within the registration cost of the workshop.

These sessions are run by experienced parenting practitioners with hands on knowledge of implementing the ‘Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program’ with a range of parent groups in multiple locations across Australia.

This training is suitable for all professionals working with parents in either an individual or group context.  While the program focuses on primary aged children, it can be adapted for infants and adolescents.

What will you learn?

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Understand the principles of reflective and mindful parenting
  • Identify the key concepts and phases of the Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program
  • Know how to set up program criteria for specific members of your parenting community
  • Be able to effectively implement the program and its activities
  • Learn how to adapt the program to meet the specific needs of the parents with whom you are using the program
  • Know how to use it with individual parents and parent groups
  • Understand how to evaluate the program and its outcomes

What difference will this make to your practice?

We believe a loving, safe parent is the best relationship a child can have. We also know that parenting is tough, and that non-judgmental support can make a huge difference in enabling access to assistance and other forms of help.

Our Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program presents parents with access to knowledge about development, connection with others and an opportunity to reflect on their communication with children. We’ve consistently found that when opportunities for mindful reflection are created these can lead to positive change; including more respectful interactions and increased positive self-identity in children, increased confidence in parenting for those parents – and a better relationship for all.

More than 3000 facilitators have been trained to use the Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program in a diverse range of organisations.  You have the opportunity to join this community following your completion of this training.


We can come to you


We can come to you and deliver this training program to a whole staff team or to a network within your local community.  Our trainers are happy to travel anywhere in Australia to provide this training and we often have local networks organise sessions offered to all in the network.