Grounded Neuroscience of Leadership

Develop your knowledge of neuroscience to transform your leadership in every aspect of leadership, performance, change and relationships.

What is this training about?


This one day training for managers and executive provides a new understanding of brain based knowledge and strategies for improving: leadership; self-awareness; stress reduction and motivation. Neuro-leadership is based on current and new brain research that allows us to understand how we can use neurobiology to develop the ultimate in personal and workplace leadership.

This workshop is targeted at individuals who are in roles where they manage teams, programs and/or organisations and would like to understand behaviour and motivation that is underpinned by practical neuroscience. It will provide participants with an understanding of enhanced drivers of human behaviour at work in processes which aim to deliver effective services.

What will you learn?

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Extend your knowledge and understanding of brain development to understand the neurobiology of emotional reactions and how to engage clear thinking and responses which connect to higher-order functions such as sensory perception, spatial reasoning and cognition.
  • Understand how our own neurobiology drives our leadership behaviours and how other people respond to us as well as how reward systems affect the brain.
  • Explore what it takes to engage others, how emotional contagion and emotional intelligence impact engagement and how to influence the brain’s social motivators to change and improve performance levels
  • Learn about the brain’s resistance to change as a ‘natural threat state’ and how to create and implement effective change for self, teams and organisation.
  • Learn how to use and apply the ACF Inc and SCARF models of applying an understanding of neuroscience

What difference will this make to your practice?

This training will effectively enable experienced and up and coming leaders to learn theory, discuss leadership and experience learnings from the new field of Neuroleadership. This is inclusive of the latest brain research to improve the quality of your leadership and leadership development.

The training will provide a focus on the neuroscience of leadership activities: how leaders make decisions and solve problems, regulate their own emotions, collaborate with others; how to facilitate effective change and understand followship.