Early Years

Healing relational trauma through play

What is this training about?

This workshop is for early childhood educators and other professionals working with children 0-5 years. The focus is on the importance of play with all children, but in particular children affected by relational trauma.

This training session explores:

  • The importance of relationships to support healing
  • Neuroscience and play and how to apply this in the work you do
  • What neuroception of safety is
  • Healing environments

What will you learn?

By attending this workshop participants will be able to consider how healing can be supported by:

  • Being interested and supportive of a child’s play which helps them to feel connected, valued and accepted.
  • Helping children to be connected to family, community and culture which is very important and can easily be done through play experiences.
  • Providing safe, stimulating and repetitive play experiences that are supporting the rewiring of the brain
  • Assisting children to find something they really love which helps to build their sense of self.
  • Helping children to find meaning in their play which will promote a positive self-image which in turn promotes hope.

What difference will this make to your practice?

Participants will gain skills and knowledge to understand the importance and role of:

  • Significant adults in the lives of children affected by relational trauma
  • Play in the lives of children affected by relational trauma

This will support you in your work with children with relational trauma by exploring practical ideas you can start to implement immediately.