Heart to Heart Cards: A reflective tool for exploring the meaning of our closest relationships

What is this training about?

At the Australian Childhood Foundation our work has a focus on restoring love to the hearts of children who have experienced abuse related trauma. We believe that relationships around children guide, support and have the power to help children heal.

As part of a growing collection of products that support work with vulnerable children, the Heart to Heart cards encourage children and those around them to reflect upon the experience of relationships that they hold, share and nurture. They introduce and explore the metaphor of the heart as a place of love and care.

This resource has been designed to complement therapeutic work, encompassing themes of relationship and connection.

A set of Heart to Heart cards is included in your purchase of the workshop. For participants who register from countries outside of Australia, an additional fee may be charged to cover the cost of shipping the Heart to Heart cards overseas.  Please ensure you list the correct delivery address so that you can have the item in time for the workshop

After attending the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to purchase additional resources included in this workshop. 

What are the Heart to Heart Cards?

The Heart to Heart Cards are a set of softly coloured cards which have a focus on specific relational themes. They explore the meaning of language in reflective questions as well as contain visual representation activities. They can be used in various interactive, conversational and playful activities as prompts or invitations into therapeutic conversations. There is no prescribed way to use the cards, as they are designed to complement therapeutic work.

A key question that inspired the origin of the resource is “How do you find your way to someone’s heart?” This evoked a number of additional and reflective themes for exploration and discovery.

Some themes within the cards for exploration include:

  • Sharing your heart
  • Helping others towards your heart
  • Holding/ cherishing in your heart

The training includes a pack of the Heart to Heart Cards and delivered to you directly.

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What will you learn?

By attending this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to use the cards as a resource for therapeutic conversations with individuals, dyads or families;
  • Explore the metaphor of the heart as a place of love and care that is the foundation of relational work with children;
  • Reflect on the themes within the cards as a focus to consider intervention ideas and their application;
  • Explore broader application of the cards in other settings, such as supervision and team-building.

What difference will it make to your work?

The exploration of the metaphor of the heart and healing within these cards will support practitioners to consider and develop therapeutic skills and conversations that focus on deep relational connection between children and those around them.