Body Based Interventions with Children and young people

Moving and Soothing

What is this training about?

Learn to apply practical tools and strategies to support recovery for children and young people using body based interventions

Increasingly, there is an understanding that talk-based interventions on their own do not address all the needs of children and young people who have experienced trauma or entrenched adversity.

The residue of such toxic stress remains in the body and brain of each child and young person. Those who support these children need a range of strategies to promote repair and healing.  Body based interventions that are child focused provide opportunities for practitioners in multiple settings to support children and young people to engage with their own physiological responses and change these to enable a felt sense of safety and trust.

It will offer individual, family and group work approaches for delivering this modality of therapeutic intervention. The workshop draws from the knowledge base associated with sensorimotor psychotherapy, dance and movement forms of intervention, and play based modalities.

What will you learn?

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Revise your understanding of the neurobiology of trauma
  • Explore the knowledge of body based interventions and their grounding in current theory and research,
  • Consider the core principles of body based interventions,
  • Practically engage with specific strategies that you can take into your own practice, and
  • Utilise a critical thinking model to examine the application considerations of this way of working.

What difference will this make to your practice?

This workshop provides a practical and experiential exploration of these body based interventions.  It is suitable for all professionals working with children and young people who have experienced abuse, violence or neglect and who are interested in this way of working.  Because of the experiential nature of this workshop, please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to have some fun!