Running online Bringing Up Great Kids Groups for Parents

What is this training about?

This practical workshop provides participants with skills and knowledge about facilitating a Bringing Up Great Kids (BUGK) Online Parenting Group.

This interactive and live training will support participants to adapt their knowledge and skills about BUGK to successfully facilitate a BUGK parent group in the online environment.

This session will be run by experienced parenting practitioners with hands on knowledge of implementing the ‘Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting Program’, especially using formats like ZOOM.

Please note: This program is ONLY available to practitioners who have previously completed the BUGK Foundational Training.

What will you learn?

By participating in this workshop, you will:

  • Learn to adapt the BUGK materials to an online format with parents in a group
  • Learn practical ways to start and maintain engagement of parents in a group
  • Understand how to adapt and implement the BUGK activities so they work and resonate with
    parents in the online space
  • Be able to adapt the program to meet the specific needs of the parents you work with
  • Consider the ethical and privacy issues associated with running a group online

What difference will this make to your practice?

BUGK is a mindful, respectful and reflective program that provides facilitators with a different perspective on parents and parenting.

This workshop offers facilitators the skills and confidence to be able to use the resources and approach that underpins BUGK with parents in ways that are relevant to the current community context shaped by the COVID-19 emergency.