Seeking and Integrating Feedback from Children and Young People

What is this training about?

There is increasing recognition for all services to evaluate the effectiveness of their services, seek out consumer feedback and ensure that service provision consistently meets the needs of service users.  However, because of their developmental vulnerability, children and young people are often overlooked in these processes with their participation considered not as relevant or difficult to facilitate.

The Australian Childhood Foundation is committed to children’s rights and continues to place children at the centre of all of their services. This training reflects that commitment.  This interactive virtual classroom will introduce and explore core concepts of engaging children in feedback and evaluative processes including how to incorporate data into meaningful processes of analysis and service design.

What will you learn?

By attending this training, you will:

  • Explore a children’s rights framework in relation to service evaluation
  • Consider the ways to facilitate children’s participatory processes, based on current research and evidence
  • Outline principles of engaging children, of different ages, in feedback and evaluative processes
  • Identify ways to design and create feedback or evaluation procedures relevant to your workplace in which children and young people feel empowered to take part.