The Big Tree Therapeutic Dolls

New Stories and Characters

What is this workshop about?

Welcome back to the Big Tree, home of Morty Monster, Susan Kitten, Ollie Monkey, and Ellen Caterpillar!

Following on from our innovative, introductory Big Tree Therapeutic Dolls course, in this session you will learn about the expansion of the Big Tree Doll range.

Percy Bee and Molly Snail are two new textually lush, functionally rich toys. The design of these toys has been informed by a multi-disciplinary approach to the knowledge of how trauma impacts upon children. They offer the chance to explore common themes children and families often engage with in their recovery from trauma.

Along with getting to know the new arrivals, this workshop introduces you to a set of eighteen beautifully illustrated stories woven around the varied themes of each of the six dolls. The use of stories is intimately tied to therapeutic work and offers children opportunities to visit other worlds and try on new ideas as they heal.

We invite you to explore these stories as a gentle method of intervention that may stimulate reflection and discussion and help those we work with feel less alone with their own stories.

A Molly Snail Therapeutic Doll is included, along with 18 therapeutically orientated e-stories, in your purchase of the workshop. For participants who register from countries outside of Australia, an additional fee may be charged to cover the cost of shipping the Therapeutic Dolls overseas.  Please ensure you list the correct delivery address so that you can have the item in time for the workshop

After attending the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to purchase additional Dolls included in this workshop. 

What will you learn?

Learn about

  • Trauma informed play
  • The expanded range of Big Tree Therapeutic Dolls
  • Ideas for using the dolls with children aged three years and older
  • Creative ways to use the Dolls in a variety of settings with individuals, families, and groups
  • Ways to engage children and families with the dolls through storytelling
  • Eighteen therapeutically orientated e-stories for use with children and families
  • A variety of activities and questions related to the new Big Tree character’s stories and themes

What can you expect from attending this workshop?

Expect hands-on demonstrations and playful explorations with the dolls as a part of this workshop.

You will learn about ideas to engage children and families with the dolls that can invite insights and movement towards restoration and re-engagement with imagination and fun. We will revisit the integration of trauma informed ideas into the design of the dolls and listen and participate in therapeutic stories with accompanying questions designed to hold resonance for those recovering from trauma. Engage with activities that relate to the stories and doll themes.

This is a resource rich workshop. Come along and you will receive one of our new therapeutic dolls Molly Snail, along with links to eighteen therapeutic e-stories and access to a range of activity worksheets developed to support the therapeutic use of Percy Bee and Molly Snail with children and families.

What difference will this workshop make to your work?

Step out of this workshop with a range of resources for immediate use with children and families.

This workshop offers ideas for doll use across a range of settings. The look and feel of the dolls encourage playful, imaginative engagement and this is supported by the range of activities and resources provided in this workshop. Come along for opportunities to enrich your practice with play and sharing, with these sensory rich, thoughtfully designed dolls.



All trainees must first complete the Therapeutic Dolls for Trauma Responsive Practice with Children course before moving onto The Big Tree Therapeutic Dolls: New Stories and Characters course. Please contact us if you have any queries about this.