Trauma Informed Responses to Child Disclosures of Abuse by Volunteers and Employees

What is this training about?

It is the event that we all want to ensure never happens in our organisation but we need to be prepared for a child’s disclosure of abuse. This can be daunting and challenging at multiple levels but our response to children and young people shapes how effective we can be to protect them and support their healing and recovery from a traumatic experience. Using knowledge about trauma can really strengthen the ways in which staff and volunteers can be resourced to act before, during and after a child’s disclosure.

This interactive virtual classroom will help participants to understand trauma informed practices underpinning how to keep children safe from abuse and exploitation.

What will you learn?

By attending this training, you will:

  • Build a better understanding of the neurobiology of trauma
  • Apply that understanding to trauma informed responses before, during and after a child’s disclosure
  • Feel more confident about knowing how to keep children safe.