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To support the Parenting and Early Years workshops, we have a range of products for purchase and download. Each product has been designed with early childhood educators and other professionals in mind as they build nurturing and supportive relationships with the child and their family.

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During the COVID-19 emergency, children remain at the heart of everything we do

COVID-19 has turned the world of children and families upside down in a very short period of time. We have really thought about how children’s worlds have been affected. Located in our understanding of child centred practice, the Foundation continues to develop a series of unique resources that can be used by parents and carers to explore the meanings that children have given to their experiences.


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A blog by professionals for professionals working with children and young people

Prosody Blog

Our blog hosts an ongoing forum for the exchange of ideas about protecting children and young people from abuse and exploitation, advocating for their rights, resourcing the adults who are important to them and applying the neuroscience of trauma and healing. It is filled with articles reflecting on research and practice knowledge written by professionals who share a commitment to the well-being and safety of children and young people.

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