February 9, 2015

Dr Ed Tronick on the topic of reparation

Dr Ed Tronick has been a great friend of the Foundation and was most recently here with us in 2014 at our Childhood Trauma Conference. A developmental and clinical psychologist, he is recognized internationally as a researcher on infants and children and parenting. His work in developing the Still-Face paradigm has been influential in how we understand regulation, rupture and reparation – especially in the infant/child-parent dyad.

At the end of 2013 he presented a talk for Ideas Boston, an annual event at which the region’s leading innovators from a wide range of sectors push boundaries and share their latest big idea. In this presentation, he discussed reparation in parent child relationships, as well as how different parental configurations might – or might not – play a role in this essential function.

In addition, he expresses his sincere hope that what he has learnt from decades of research will enable parents to be less anxious about their role with their own child. This is a goal of our own parenting work as well as we know that stressed parents are rarely able to parent in the way they would like to.