Safeguarding Children Certification

What is the Safeguarding Children Certification?

Safeguarding Children Certification enables organisations to be confident that their policies and procedures meet the National Child Safe Principles and are compliant with all legislative or other relevant requirements.

We provide organisations with tools that will enable organisational policies and procedures to be benchmarked against best practice and minimum standards. Most organisations achieve certification within 12 months, and this remains valid for a maximum of three years.

How do organisations achieve Certification?

In order to achieve certification, we provide a dedicated Safeguarding Consultant who will work alongside your implementation leader or team in order to guide you through all the stages of certification. You will gain access to our online Safeguarding Integrated Management System which will enable you to search our Child Safe Policies and Procedures Bank which includes resources and tools that you can use to strengthen your organisational approaches.

You will also be able to seek advice about the framing of your policies and procedures as you need it. Finally, you will be able to upload your policies and procedures for a careful review that will enable you to make any specific changes to ensure compliance.

There are three key stages to achieve certification.

What does Certification provide to organisations?

Certification is granted by the Australian Childhood Foundation when an organisation’s written policies and procedures are deemed to be compliant with the National Child Safe Principles and all legislative or other relevant requirements.

Being a Safeguarding Children Certified Organisation means that you can showcase your Certification Outcome publicly

  • in your organisation’s offices and places of work
  • on your website and promotional material
  • in you documentation relevant to the operations of your service or activity

The Australian Childhood Foundation will promote your organisation’s logo on its website as having received certification. This lasts for three years from the time it is awarded.

What is the difference between Safeguarding Children Accreditation and Certification?

Unlike our Accreditation Program, Certification does not include a face to face audit, assessment by an independent panel of experts or an ongoing annual review process. At the time of certification, you can choose to upgrade your safeguarding strategy and undertake the full Safeguarding Children Accreditation Program. This will allow you to independently validate that what your organisations have put in place to achieve certification is actually being implemented in the way it was intended.

A quick comparison table is found below.

Find out more about our Safeguarding Children Accreditation Program

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