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Our Safeguarding Services for children and young people

Our Safeguarding Services team are experienced consultants who have worked in and with multiple organisations across a number of settings such as schools, sport, early childhood sectors, recreation, child and family welfare, aged care, homeless services, disability services, family violence and child protection. We build strong partnerships that work for organisations and make a real difference to the safety children and young people you support and engage with.

We can provide any or all of the service activities at affordable cost with a proven track record in understanding and delivering outcomes on time. We bring with us the extensive experience of the rest of the Foundation’s established expertise in working with childhood trauma and vulnerable families. We are a recognised Registered Training Organisation with innovative learning platforms that meet the needs of all individuals regardless of their role in children.

Safeguarding Services are most widely known for our evidence-based Certification and Accreditation Programs. These initiatives are perfect for organisations that are pursuing the ultimate goal of embedding a strong child safe culture that not only meets compliance but also delivers real protection and support too all children and young people.

We offer practical and effective tools and resources for engaging children, young people and parents or carers in participatory processes that facilitate feedback and the co-design of service improvements.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement and consultation

We use a range of approaches to communicate and seek feedback from stakeholders to your service, including children and young people, service users, staff and volunteers. We analyse the data so you can develop more effective approaches to safeguarding children.

Program/organisational evaluation and review

We work with you to undertake impact risk assessments and gap analyses of policies and procedures in relation to safeguarding children practices.

Guiding Policy

Policy development and implementation support

We can review and develop policies for you and/or support your internal team to ensure they which meet legislative and other compliance requirements. We also support you to operationalise systems of ongoing preventative and corrective action.

Training and capacity building of your personnel

We develop and deliver face to face and online training for all levels of personnel from Board and senior management to service deliver staff and volunteers.

Supporting child safe improvement

We can provide advice about integrating child safe frameworks into your strategic planning, implementation and review cycles.

Safeguarding Children Services

Ready-made tools and resources

We have a range of ready-made tools and resources that we have developed which your organisation can use to support ways to communicate with children and young people, rate risk and offer ways for communicating with organisational personnel.

Risk management

Integrating risk management and governance

We support you to investigate and address ongoing areas of risk so that it is incorporated into organisational governance processes.


We build partnerships with organisations so that they working collaboratively and sensitively with their communities to extend the reach of their safeguarding children strategies.

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Safeguarding Children Accreditation

A unique voluntary organisational development accreditation scheme for organisations who want independent validation of their internal systems for protecting children and young people. This scheme is endorsed via the ACCC.

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Support for Boards and Management

We support Boards/Committees of Management and others in leadership roles to understand their child safe obligations and ensure that they regularly receive and review data that informs them about how effective their systems are in preventing or responding to abuse and exploitation of children or young people.

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Safeguarding Children Certification

Safeguarding Children Certification supports organisations to be confident that their policies and procedures meet the National Child Safe principles and are compliant with all legislative or other relevant requirements.

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Reflective Practice

We provide opportunities for individuals in Child Safe leadership roles to come together and build their knowledge, confidence and skills about protecting children in organisations.

Become a Safeguarding Children Accredited organisation

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Achieve Safeguarding Children Certification

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The Social Impact of Safeguarding Services

Understanding the Social Impact of Safeguarding Services for Children and Young People: An evaluation for the Australian Childhood Foundation provides an overview of the Foundation’s impact with its partners in keeping children and young people safe. Conducted by the Centre for Social Impact, University of Western Australia, this was a unique study, grounded in qualitative research with organisations who have worked with the Foundation to build capacity and culture to better support the wellbeing and safety of children and young people who engage in their services.

Insights from the report demonstrated that the Foundation and its partners are helping to shape an Australian and global story of the evolution of safeguarding practice and impact. These insights are paving the way to an even deeper understanding of best practice in building a strong and lasting safeguarding culture in organisations, equipping leaders and practitioners to ensure that the children and young people in their care are
safe and valued.

Report coming soon

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