Equip your personnel with tailored training and workshops

Bespoke training to match your unique setting

We deliver a range of learning opportunities using different modalities – all with the same purpose. We run online, face to face and mixed method training that is tailored to the different needs of individuals within your organisation.

Safeguarding Children Training Program

Our online Safeguarding Children training has been used by more than 150 000 individuals nationally. It provides a comprehensive summary of the basic tenets of safeguarding children, the relevant legislation and requirements in each jurisdiction, and explores how employees and volunteers enact a commitment to children’s safety in their day to day work.

This online training is accessible to registered organisations.

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Topic-based modular training

In addition to the online course, we also offer access to individual video modules – supporting operational and managers to explore specific topics that have been commonly identified in our work with organisations. These include:

  • Identifying and responding to child on child problem sexual behaviour
  • The role and purpose of a Code of Conduct
  • Involving children and young people in feedback loops about their experiences
  • The impact of organisational leadership on organisational culture
  • Factors which make organisations vulnerable to individuals who seek to harm or exploit children and young people.

Face-to-face Training

We deliver tailored face to face training for Boards, managers, and operational staff – tailored to your sector and industry. The content is put together using relevant examples and case scenarios.

Integrated Management System

A resource for organisations currently working with Safeguarding Children Services, offering support with your policies and more.

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High quality, cost-effective

All of the learning opportunities offered by the Safeguarding Team are cost effective and highest quality. Contact us to receive a quote for all of the training options available.