My Forever Family Trauma Training

The Australian Childhood Foundation is pleased to be partnering with My Forever Family to provide this online trauma training program.  This training has been designed for carers to explore some of the core theories of trauma and its impacts and then translating that knowledge into practical strategies and approaches to providing trauma informed care.  This training is designed as a starting point for learning and/or a reinforcement of what you already know and what you already do in your care for children and young people across New South Wales.

Learning outcomes:
It is expected that by completing the course you will:
  • develop an enhanced understanding of complex abuse related trauma, with a particular focus on its effects on brain functioning
  • apply a framework for assessing the impact of complex abuse related trauma on children and young people
  • build on your current skills to apply key models of intervention which promote recovery for traumatised children and young people in out of home care
  • consider how else you can be supported in your care of traumatised children and young people.
Who can access this training?
This training program is only available to carers and other key professionals in New South Wales.
Registering for this training
We just want to confirm that when you click on the registration link below you will be taken to a screen where you will be asked to provide some details.  This will automatically generate a Username and Password email. It will then take 24 hours for this Username to become active in the online Study Portal and we will email you once your Study Portal is active so that you can start the training.
You have 6 months to complete the training so don’t feel you have to sit down and complete it all in one sitting!  When you complete all of the modules, and the knowledge checks, you will receive a certificate of completion.  You have as many attempts as you need to complete the knowledge checks.
Feedback about the training
If at any stage you need a hand, or you want to provide us with some feedback about this training, please email us at support@childhood.org.au
We hope you find this training useful in your care for children and young people who have experienced trauma.


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