Sexually Harmful Behaviours – Part 1

Sexually Harmful Behaviours – Part 1


Young People in residential care who have experienced trauma often display a wide range of behaviours that feel difficult to understand and challenging to effectively respond to.  One of the challenging behavioural presentations is harmful sexual behaviours.  These behaviours can be both personally confronting for staff as well as raise concerns for the risk and safety of other young people in their care.  This virtual classroom will provide an introduction to understanding the development of Harmful Sexual Behaviour as well as identifying ways of supporting young people displaying these behavioural response patterns  
Some of the areas that will be discussed include:

  • How do I feel about doing this work – and how does this impact on how I respond to young people
  • Understanding the continuum of Sexual Behaviour- Normal – Problematic – Abusive
  • Explore the development of these behaviours- including the neurobiology of trauma, attachment, family violence, and pornography- as a means of understanding  and addressing the underlying needs of the young person
Please note: This training has been developed specifically to support workers within the New South Wales Intensive Therapeutic Care system. If you are not an ITC worker but are interested to participate in similar training, please email

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