Care Teams – Part 2: Facilitating a Care Team

Care Teams – Part 2: Facilitating a Care Team


Care Team are one of the 10 Essential Elements underpinning the Intensive Therapeutic Care (ITC) system in NSW. The complex needs of young people in the ITC system need to be matched with similarly complex solutions to their care and support needs involving multiple stakeholders and systems. A Care Team approach provides a systems framework to drive a whole-of-practice approach to understanding, supporting and working through the needs of young people in a way that is child-centred, holistic and connected.
We have designed this Virtual Classroom in two parts to support the practice of collaboration and participation through the Care Team process.
Part 1 will explore: 
  • The reasons for Care Teams 
  • What a Care Team looks like
  • The principles that underpin a Care Team
  • The functions of a Care Team
Part 2 will explore:
  • The Care Team Meeting (as part of the Care Team Process)
  • The work and structure of Care Team meetings
  • Young People and family’s participation
  • Congruence
  • Outcomes 

Please note: This training has been developed specifically to support workers within the New South Wales Intensive Therapeutic Care system. If you are not an ITC worker, but are interested to participate in a similar training, please email

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