Working Well LGBTIQA Young People

Working Well LGBTIQA Young People


Facilitated by: Dr. Linda Kirkman
Dr. Linda Kirkman is a sex educator, sex therapist, and independent scholar with a background in education and public health. Her work covers sexuality, sexual health, and relationships across the lifespan. Linda's approach is a strengths-based, inclusive, and sex-critical one that emphasises psychological safety. Her work is current and engaging. She is accompanied on multiple daily walks by an enthusiastic Jack Russell terrier.

LGBTIQA young people are overrepresented in out of home care. This two-part virtual classroom training series has been developed to provide a mix of information, discussion, networking, and knowledge/experience sharing around working well with LGBTIQA young people. It is designed to support people who are not confident about what LGBTIQA means and are seeking understanding and terminology, as well as to support and affirm the work of those who are part of the queer community and are making a positive contribution.

Attendance at both sessions is expected as the second session builds on the first.

Session one
Session one focuses on content knowledge and covers intersectionality, the potential complexities of gender, sexuality, attraction, and behaviour, and unpacks in-depth the understandings around each letter in LGBTIQA—as well as what the plus can include. Research findings of the well-being of these cohorts will be included. Polls check knowledge and breakout groups are for networking and discussion.

Session two
Session two includes some extra content knowledge yet focuses on your capacities and challenges. Break outgroups are used for shared problem-solving based on a Liberating Structures’ format.

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