Bringing Up Great Kids:

Parenting Adolescents

What is this training about?

This workshop will provide participants with skills and knowledge to facilitate a BUGK parenting group tailored for parents who are embarking on the challenging and rewarding relational journey with their adolescents. It provides participants with everything they need to know about this iteration of BUGK as well as all access to the manual, handouts, and other resources.

The training includes access to the Bringing Up Great Kids: Parenting Adolescents manual, relevant worksheets, tools, activities and resources within the registration cost of the workshop.

This training is suitable for all professionals who have completed the Foundational Bringing Up Great Kids – Facilitator Training and who aim to provide a parenting program that sensitively supports parents/carers with adolescents in their family.

Please note that the prerequisite for this training is successful completion of Foundational Bringing Up Great Kids – Facilitator Training

What will you learn?

By attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Facilitate a BUGK: Parenting Adolescents parent group
  • Support parents in their changing role from “guardian” to “consultant” when parenting adolescents
  • Understand adolescent behaviour through the use of playful and relevant metaphors
  • Support strong and nurturing relationships between parents and their adolescents
  • Promote open communication between parents and adolescents
  • Celebrate with parents their journey with their adolescents
  • Know how to acknowledge that the adolescent experience ends eventually
  • Understand the new landscape when adolescents become adults.

What difference will this make to your practice?

BUGK: Parenting Adolescents workshop builds on the principles of the foundational BUGK program focussing on being reflective, respectful and mindful when working with parents.

BUGK: Parenting Adolescents provides the skills and knowledge, in combination with the manual, resources and materials, to confidently be able to facilitate a BUGK group for parents of adolescents. The workshop has the capacity to support participants to identify and implement multiple possibilities in running a reflective, experiential, and interactive parent group.

This workshop enables participants to support parents to experience their journey with their adolescents as a positive adventure by providing new knowledge about adolescent brain development, communication styles and different ways of understanding and responding to the behaviour of adolescents.