Bringing Up Great Kids:

Learning the basics for professionals who work one on one with parents

What is this training about?

This training session is an introduction to Bringing Up Great Kids Program materials and resources. It is specifically for professionals who have no previous knowledge of the BUGK program. It showcases BUGK resources and materials and demonstrates how the material can be used in everyday practice with parents.

This practical 3 hour information session is an introduction to the philosophy, thinking and concepts that are the backbone of the Bringing Up Great Kids program. BUGK is a mindful, respectful, reflective program that building nurturing relationships between parents and their children.

The session is for professionals who want to use BUGK in their everyday work with children and families in 1-1 situations, counselling sessions, conversations with parents, talking to children etc. These may be professionals who are new to BUGK or BUGK facilitators who want to explore the extra BUGK materials provided in this session.

Please note this is not the Foundational BUGK Facilitator training, it is only a “taster” session.

Please see link below to register for the facilitator training here

There are no prerequisites for this training.

What will you learn?

  • Philosophy underpinning the BUGK program
  • The breadth of BUGK resources and materials
  • BUGK concepts, ideas, resources
  • Downloadable resources from BUGK website

What difference will this make to your practice?

  • Your practice has the potential to be a more mindful, reflective and respectful interaction with colleagues, families and children
  • The resources and materials support a more reflective engagement process with families and children.
  • Provides more resources for parents to access to nurture them and enhance their parenting.
  • Increased interest in understanding and participating in other BUGK training sessions.