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We are deeply committed to ensuring that approaches that are drawn from and translate critical areas of knowledge and evidence, in particular, the neuroscience of trauma and attachment, cultural wisdom and research about what works. For almost 20 years, we have joined you in forming a community of professionals that share a similar view about the value of such knowledge to a range of sectors involved with children and young people.

Like you, we believe that children benefit when those who work with them are well resourced. That is why we offer opportunities to professionals to connect with us and each other in order to learn, build evidence, interpret knowledge, partner with us to transform practice and be inspired to continue to evolve the services that vulnerable children, young people and their carers and families need.

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our principles

What are the overarching principles underpinning our practice with children and families?

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We believe that safety is an intrinsic right that can never be diminished.

Safety creates the conditions in which the experience of being human is given the time and potency to flourish.

We believe that wisdom about child development is at the core of effective practice.

The needs of children and young people should be the driver of the services that are delivered to them and their carers and/or families.

We believe that loving, secure and strong relationships hold the essential resources that children and young people need.

Children’s experiences of relationships shape their physiology, their identity and what they know to be possible.

We believe that the nature of children’s experience of violence sets the parameters for how they give meaning to it.

When we talk about children and their experiences of violation, we respect their unique  ways of knowing and changing.

We believe that children and young people’s experience of culture is the way they know their place in their family, their family and their community.

Children’s connection to culture is essential to their wellbeing and development.

We believe that knowledge drawn from interpersonal neurobiology is a critical lens through which support for children, families and communities needs to be framed.

The realisation of trust, connection and care occurs in the deep synchronisation of neuronal activity shared between children and young people and the important network of relationships around them.