Safeguarding Children Services

Keeping children and young people safe from abuse and exploitation in organisations

Building and Supporting Child Safe Organisations

The abuse and exploitation of children and young people by employees and volunteers within organisations can be prevented. Our Safeguarding Children Services are designed to help organisations build their capacity to keep children safe from abuse and exploitation by employees and volunteers.

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Free Resources & Tools

We have developed a series of free videos with some of our most experienced child protection experts. They cover topics that we have been asked about the most frequently. Our commitment is to make learning about child safety as easy as possible.

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Tailored Child Safety Training

We will tailor training to meet your organisation’s needs. We have a number of options you can use to build the capability of your staff and volunteers, including self-paced, virtual classrooms and in-person delivery formats. All of our training is affordable and optimized to make it possible for even the busiest person to complete. Not only do we offer learning in contemporary practice of child safety, but we also draw on our extensive understanding of neuroscience, trauma, sexual exploitation and working with vulnerable children and families to provide learning opportunities that deepen your knowledge and confidence.

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Certification & Accreditation Programs for Organisations

Why do organisations fail to protect children and young people from abuse and exploitation?

We have developed a model for understanding the reasons that organisations fail in their duty of care to protect children and young people from abuse and exploitation. In this diagram, we have set out a summary of the factors that lead to failure to protect.

Failure to protect children starts with an ineffective organisational culture that is not resourced by the leadership of the organisation. Often effective governance structures and protocols are absent. Poor or not well-executed policies and procedures complicate and confuse decision making processes for staff, volunteers and service users. All of these factors lead to a lack of knowledge and a lack of confidence by staff to know how to respond to the risks that may occur in relation to children and young people.

How can we assist your organisation?

We have a dedicated team that works closely with key personnel in your organisation to assess the strengths and areas for development within your organisation in relation to your Safeguarding Children capacity and culture. When you engage us, our Safeguarding Children Team will tailor strategies that work for you, your budget and your organisation’s needs. We build partnerships that work and make a real difference to the children and young people you support and engage with. We also have an evidence based Certification and Accreditation Program.

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We are very proud to have helped these wonderful partner organisations achieve and maintain the highest level of Safeguarding Children Accreditation.


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