September 6, 2017

Who should report what? A guide to Reportable Conduct Schemes in Australia

Notifying and Reporting Allegations of Workplace Child Abuse – Reportable Conduct Schemes in Australia.

In 1999, the New South Wales (NSW) Reportable Conduct Scheme was established to provide independent oversight by the Ombudsman of the handling of child abuse and neglect allegations against employees. On the 1st July 2017, the Victorian Commission for Children and Young People and the ACT Ombudsman, administered new Reportable Conduct Schemes in the related jurisdictions, to oversee how organisations prevent and respond to allegations of child abuse and misconduct by workers and volunteers. All three Reportable Conduct Scheme’s address employment-related child protection.

Below is a summary of the three Schemes across NSW, ACT and Victoria. Although all three schemes have the similar responsibilities, there are differences in the management of the reporting and assessment processes.

You can download an A3 PDF copy of this information here.

Please note: The reportable conduct schemes do not interfere with mandatory reporting obligations. If employers suspect criminal conduct has occurred, they should report to child protection or the police in the first instance.