Safeguarding Children Services

Keeping children and young people safe from abuse and exploitation

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Why are Safeguarding Children Services so important?

We believe that the abuse and exploitation of children and young people by employees and volunteers within organisations can be prevented. It is why we have had a dedicated focus on meeting this challenge for more than a decade, well before the Parliamentary Inquiry and Royal Commission into the past institutional abuse of children.

Our Safeguarding Children Services are designed to help organisations build their capacity to keep children safe from abuse and exploitation by employees and volunteers. Our approach, tools and training have been drawn from over 10 years of research – as well as our own experience in working with:

• Children and young people who have been abused and traumatised,
• Perpetrators of sexual abuse and family violence,
• Organisations across sectors seeking to strengthen their own child-safe policies and systems.

We offer evidence-based resources and processes that can help your organisation meet its compliance obligations and strengthen your internal culture that embodies a commitment to the protection of children and young people.

Offering a cluster of support activities to assist in capacity building and building safety in your workplace

Four ways we can help you

These support activities have been drawn from a decade of national and international research as well as our own collective experience in working with children and young people who have been harmed, perpetrators of abuse, and a range of organisations across a number of different sectors seeking to strengthen their child safe approach.

Certification and Accreditation Programs

Why do organisations fail to protect children and young people from abuse and exploitation?

We have developed a model for understanding the reasons that organisations fail in their duty of care to protect children and young people from abuse and exploitation. In this diagram, we have set out a summary of the factors that lead to failure to protect.

Failure to protect children starts with an ineffective organisational culture that is not resourced by the leadership of the organisation. Often effective governance structures and protocols are absent. Poor or not well-executed policies and procedures complicate and confuse decision making processes for staff, volunteers and service users. All of these factors lead to a lack of knowledge and a lack of confidence by staff to know how to respond to the risks that may occur in relation to children and young people.

How can we assist your organisation?

We have a dedicated team that works closely with key personnel in your organisation to assess the strengths and areas for development within your organisation in relation to your Safeguarding Children capacity and culture. When you engage us, our Safeguarding Children Team will tailor strategies that work for you, your budget and your organisation’s needs. We build partnerships that work and make a real difference to the children and young people you support and engage with. We also have an evidence based Certification and Accreditation Program.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement and consultation

We use a range of approaches to communicate and seek feedback from stakeholders to your service, including children and young people, service users, staff and volunteers. We analyse the data so you can develop more effective approaches to safeguarding children.

Program/organisational evaluation and review

We work with you to undertake impact risk assessments and gap analyses of policies and procedures in relation to safeguarding children practices.

Guiding Policy

Policy development and implementation support

We can review and develop policies for you and/or support your internal team to ensure they which meet legislative and other compliance requirements. We also support you to operationalise systems of ongoing preventative and corrective action.

Training and capacity building of your personnel

We develop and deliver face to face and online training for all levels of personnel from Board and senior management to service deliver staff and volunteers.

Supporting child safe improvement

We can provide advice about integrating child safe frameworks into your strategic planning, implementation and review cycles.

Safeguarding Children Services

Ready-made tools and resources

We have a range of ready-made tools and resources that we have developed which your organisation can use to support ways to communicate with children and young people, rate risk and offer ways for communicating with organisational personnel.

Risk management

Integrating risk management and governance

We support you to investigate and address ongoing areas of risk so that it is incorporated into organisational governance processes.


We build partnerships with organisations so that they working collaboratively and sensitively with their communities to extend the reach of their safeguarding children strategies.

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Safeguarding Children Accreditation

A unique voluntary organisational development accreditation scheme for organisations who want independent validation of their internal systems for protecting children and young people. This scheme is endorsed via the ACCC.

We are proud to be working with a number of organisations including

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