Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy - Level 1

We are proud to partner with the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Network and to be able to offer a range of training opportunities and certification for professionals who work with traumatised children, young people and their carers and families. 

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) is the model of intervention developed by Dan Hughes over the past three decades. It offers a treatment approach to trauma, loss, and/or other dysregulating experiences, that is based on principles derived from the theories and research of attachment, intersubjectivity, and trauma. 

This introductory training course in DDP provides the core knowledge of theory, principles, and interventions that are central to developing the skills necessary to practising DDP successfully.

The course involves 4 days (28 hours) of in depth learning with the Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute’s Dr Sian Phillips.  It is offered in small groups of a maximum of 30 people. The small group approach ensures maximum participation, relevant case discussion and opportunities for real skill building. 

It will be run as 1, 4-day course in November 2017 in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. During the course, Dr Sian Phillips will provide extended presentations about the knowledge base underpinning DDP including how to

  • support children and carers to start to resolve traumatic experiences through shame interruption, interactive repair, co-regulation of arousal and affect and shared meaning making,
  • involve parents and/or caregivers in rhythmic dialogue with children that is effective and reflective,
  • resource parents and caregivers to reach out to the parts of their children that feel vulnerable, lost and insecure,
  • position an understanding of the neurobiology of attachment and concepts of blocked parenting to know how to prepare for and carry out therapeutic engagement with children, young people and the caregivers;
  • present and collaboratively analyse videos of her therapeutic sessions with children and carers as a way of understanding how DDP is put into practice;
  • use role plays to develop specific skills relevant to the practice of DDP;
  • examine how the attachment history of practitioners shapes and influence their way of undertaking DDP;
You can register via the links below, or find out more information from the downloadable brochure available on the right-hand side of the page.  

DDP Level 1 Brochure

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