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September 21, 2023

My Favourite Story to Use with Young People in Counselling

‘My Favourite Story to Use with Young People in Counselling’ blog article was written by Chris Cussen, Lead – Product Development, Content Creation, and Projects in the Therapeutic Services team at Australian Childhood Foundation. There is a storybook that has been my favourite to use with young people in counselling over the years. It validates that life …

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November 11, 2021

Due Course – The story of a river

This ‘Due Course – The story of a river’ blog article was written by Angela Weller, Senior Manager in the Therapeutic Services team, and Matt Harvey, Therapeutic Specialist in the Canberra Therapeutic Services team, at the Australian Childhood Foundation.   Ideas emerge in conversations that both surprise and challenge us, but sometimes lead to new ways …

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May 11, 2017

I killed my fish

As a Child Psychologist working with traumatised children, I hear a lot of stories, some of which are sad or cruel, some unbelievable or amazing. These stories provide me some insight in the different ways these children experience the world. It is my challenge to unravel the story and try and discover the key to why this story is so upsetting or overwhelming to them. Sometimes that leads to an unexpected outcome.

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